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Work Life Balance

Emmie: One of the things about well-being in the workplace is obviously there are lots of things/ initiatives that the companies can do. I think also there are things that we can do ourselves to protect ourselves and to make sure that we are, fulfilled and healthy and well at work. I was really interested to read (I’ve obviously been doing lots of reading of all your blog posts), about boundaries and you’ve got this list of five fantastic boundaries, such as no work before children go to school unless there is another adult there,, and at meal times where you like to eat together, and you obviously don’t have electronic devices.
So can you just tell me a bit more about that and how you think setting boundaries can help us to help ourselves when it comes to well-being with work?

Jessica: Yeah, I think the thing with the boundaries, It’s about recognizing. What can I what can any of us do for ourselves? What do we recognize is in place when we’re being our very best and I think it starts by working out. , when you have a good day. It’s stopping and thinking why is today being so good what have been the habits? As a psychologist, I’m really interested in habits, and intentions, and focus, and what people are doing when they are flourishing and life is going well. You’ve talked a little bit about some of the things that I put in place and they are very simply the Rules of Engagement for my life. It’s kind of like when it when the day is going well, these are some of the things that I’m putting in place and I think all of us can do that and it’s about setting your intention and it’s being disciplined as well.

So for example, we like to eat together as a family because we know that that’s when information gets shared and it’s that sense of doing something together every day. Not having my mobile phone switched on after nine o’clock, turn it off, have those hours wind down before bed, away from a blue screen and away from things that might come into your inbox, and all of a sudden your mind starts turning over.
So everybody’s boundaries or the things that they do that make their life feel good would be different. I encourage people to think about what is happening on a day when things are going really well and then work out what are the key ingredients? because that’s what your recipe is for having more great days. Why wouldn’t you do that?

Emmie: That’s fantastic. And I think you’re so right. It’s very tempting to look at your phone at nine o’clock at night. But if you read something that’s not great. It can be really difficult to move on from that and not have it niggling away at you in the background.

Emmie: Last of all just kept my last question to you would be, for me and this is just me personally I’ve always felt that the team around me at work and, my boss is something that’s really key to my well being, wanting to feel supported and, like you’re part of a team, so I just wanted to. Is there anything I know you’ve worked yourself for most of your career, but I know you had a short stint working as an employee. Did you have a particularly lovely boss? or was there anything that a boss or someone in your team did that was really supportive or that stayed with you forever?