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Employee Engagement

Jessica: Yeah, there is when I when I first started and in corporate life and I was a graduate scheme at Barclays in the city in London, and I had a boss called Laura, Laura Evans. Laura was a bit of a Trailblazer at the time because she got 2 children and she worked four days a week and she then told me what you three days. We can’t quite remember. but she wasn’t working full-time and was in a fairly senior role and she did two of those days from home because it enabled her to have access to the kids and just to keep things on an even keel at home. So I think she was the main Breadwinner at the time. So following in Laura’s footsteps I asked to go down to 4 days a week (when I was just I think I was 24 at the time before I got married at 24/ 25). And that was amazing. I mean that wasn’t done then that the only people that work less than full time, this is going back a while, was people who had children and caring responsibilities, but she allowed me to go down to of four days a week. I said, I want to I want to get coaching qualification and I want to spend that one day a week focusing on my coaching and then and actually start to do some coaching work on that day for an organization called The Mind Gym which is just absolutely fantastic. In fantastic successful, and and that that was that was great because that was really the beginning of me transitioning into starting my own business. I think without Laura allowing me that one day a week things would have been much slower and maybe she saw that I was going to leave the corporate world. I don’t know but I really value the fact that she allowed me to have that one day on a Wednesday midweek break and to do something else. That was really really brilliant.
And I think if more line managers could be open, open to listening to what their team would like and why and just giving things a go, that drives up a sense of engagement. So I guess my clothing message would be line managers, please trust your teams and pilot things especially for flex because I think it can go such a long way to driving productivity and engagement.

Emmie: That’s is so lovely to hear that and also just being. Is it to talk to you’ve got so many great, ideas and so much great experience and obviously it’s really really fantastic to have you on here. So thank you so much Jessica.

Jessica: Thank you so much, Emmie. I think what you are doing is absolutely great and I didn’t give a shout out to another one of our clients, Acast, the podcast company. We love podcasts.

Emmie: Oh good, well so do I!

It was great to talk to Jessica about her thoughts on flexible working and setting boundaries. I hope that the DADB1 form gets some traction. Also fantastic to talk to Jessica about their Comeback Community Group, which is the free resource on Facebook. Jessica is so knowledgeable and such an inspiration and I’m really happy that I got to chat to her.

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Suki: I hope you enjoyed The Feel Great Podcast. Have a wonderful day!