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Podcast Episode

In this second interview of the Feel Great Podcast, I chat to Jessica Chivers.  She is amazing!

A coaching psychologist, author of Mothers Work and founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists. This is a fantastic company that supports both businesses and employees with the transition in coming back to work after a break (whether that be maternity, bereavement, or extended leave for another reason).

Jessica talks with me about

– The work that she does with The Talent Keeper Specialists and the positive results for both businesses and employees.

– The importance of companies being open to flexible working, being happy to discuss this at the point of interview and even talking about it in their job ads (love that!).

– Boundaries – how can we make sure that we take a break from work and switch off when we get home, and we’re not constantly connected, something that can be a struggle sometimes.

– Shared parental leave

– DADB1 form (which is a great initiative and needs everyone to get behind it and sign the petition).

Comeback Community is a resource for companies that want to support line managers and employees to stay connected and the free Facebook Comeback Community Group

Thank you, Jessica, for taking the time to share all your insights and learnings with us.  It was great to have you on the Feel Great Podcast

 You can find Jessica on Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn

Talent Keeper Specialists on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook