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Mental Wellbeing

This is the last post of 3, which is a transcription of an interview with Anne Williams for the Feel Great Podcast, you can read the first part of the podcast Interview with Anne Williams about Health and Wellbeing and the second part,  Women suffering from Stress at work.

To listen to the Feel Great Podcast click here.

Emmie: And so in terms of the hypnosis, I’m interested to know do you think that would work in a group setting? Could you go into companies and do workshops for groups of people more than one, or it just a one on one set up?  

Anne: Yeah. Definitely. I mean group hypnosis is absolutely possible. So because hypnosis is really self-directed. So as a hypnotherapist my role is, I’m guiding people into hypnosis. I’m helping them to, for example, visualize helpful things. So if I got an anxious client, one of the things that I might do is help them to visualize being in a situation where at the moment they feel anxious but they imagine themselves feeling calm feeling confident,  behaving and thinking in a much more positive way than they are at the moment. So and it’s perfectly possible to do that with a group of people. Clearly, they’ve got to have a similar kind of experience. But yeah very much in a number of workshops. that I’ve run I’ll do for example a relaxation exercise with them, guided visualization and, that’s all part of the process of hypnosis.

Emmie: Fantastic, I love hypnosis. I’ve done it quite a few times and I ‘ve seen a benefit. So I’m interested to know how that could help people in the workplace.

And last of all my last question. For me, one of the very important things about work, is, the team of people around you and your boss because ultimately, that’s the person you reporting into so I’m interested to know can you think of any examples of a boss that was fantastic to you and, that made you happy and made your job enjoyable. Can you think of anything off the top of your head?

Anne: Yes. Yeah. I mean when people ask me that kind of question, I always remember there was a manager I worked for fairly early on in my in my career lady called Catherine Ash – and I was working in British Telecom graduate recruitment department at the time. It must have been I do know this probably about two or three years after I’d graduated but was my first job. Anyway, the thing that really springs to mind is that I had made some kind of mistake. I can’t remember exactly what mistake was but I had done something wrong and she instead of kind of getting angry about it she was very calm about it. She was encouraging, she was supportive. She was taking the opportunity while we all mistakes what can we learn about it? What can you learn from it? How can you prevent it from happening again? But the thing that really made a difference is that she effectively took responsibility for it. So, okay. She was my manager. She was managing the project the work that I was involved in. Yeah, rather than going to her manager and saying to him Anne made this mistake, we’ve got this particular problem. She didn’t say it was my mistake. She was just saying well, okay, we’re dealing with this. This is what we’re going to do about it. And I was just so immensely grateful for to her for that.  

Emmie: Well, what a fantastic woman, Catherine Ash, because that’s amazing.  To support you and then even to share the blame in a way. Especially when you’re starting out and you’re young and you are obviously going to get it wrong, it can be really scary and it can be really stressful, horrible.

Anne: I was going to say that was immense learning for me and then really influenced how I then went on when I was then managing other people. It was a key thing for me about how I went about managing other people.

Emmie: Yeah, I think you learn a lot from your first bosses. Don’t you?  I had an amazing woman and she just looked after her staff so well and I always really looked up to her and I hoped to do the same. I think you can learn a lot when you’re young and it’s really important to have bosses that are supportive and that you can look up to.

Anne thank you so much this has been a fantastic interview and chat with you and it’s obviously my first podcast episode. So I’m so grateful to you for agreeing to do it with me and I just want to say thank you very much.  

Anne: Oh, well, you’re very welcome. And yeah, thanks. 

Emmie: Thank you.

That was Anne Williams from Transforming Health.  It was great to hear Anne talk about the importance of feeling valued at work, how stress can lead to conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and how hypnosis is a fantastic tool to help with stress, anxiety and all kinds of problems.  I really hope that you enjoyed listening to this very first podcast of mine! There are another 5 more to come in this series. I would love your thoughts on topics that you would like to hear about, or any experts that you would like interviewed.  I am also really keen to chat to mums too about what health and wellbeing at work mean to them, the challenges that they have and what they have managed to do to come out the other side. So do get in touch with my via the website at Feel Great