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Podcast Episode

 In the fifth episode of the Feel Great Podcast, I talk to Heather Pearson who is a sports therapist, strength coach and nutritionist.  

She is also the author of ‘Back Pain Free – Put an end to your suffering with the Pearson Method”.

Heather is all about prevention when it comes to health and wellbeing.  When you get over 30 things start slowing down – and we need to be proactive in preventing those aches and pains.  And I agree!

I talk to Heather about:


Healthy Back

  • What you can do at work to protect your back – like stretching when you take a toilet break or tea break
  • Drinking water is key for anyone who is suffering from a back injury.  The spongey discs in your back are like doughnuts which at the end of the working day have flattened.  So the best thing to do is to keep them pumped by drinking water throughout the day.
  • Lower back and core become weak from sitting at your desk all day.  Try plank exercises and pilates classes or pilates at home.  Also, healthy glutes and the clam exercise are all great things that can help.
  • Stand up desks are great, its also good to have the flexibility to stand and sit throughout the day.

Nutrition and Snacks

  • Nutrition and energy throughout the day.  Working mums are rushing around dropping off/ picking up kids so they don’t always have the chance/ time to eat.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You have fasted for 8 hours the body is in a fasted food state so good to eat to get the metabolism going.
  • Your body needs protein for many functions and 3 o’clock munchies is a sign that you are not getting enough

Meditation and Taking Time Out

  • Meditation and Visualisation are good for you – allowing your brain to recover.
I loved chatting with Heather.   She is a font of knowledge when it comes to the body, nutrition and staying strong.
Many of us suffer from back issues. It was great to hear from Heather about what we can do to help prevent back pain in the first place.  
I learnt something new about the spongey discs in our back (which she refers to as doughnuts). They need more water, so I will make a concerted effort to try and drink more!

Connecting with Heather Pearson

 If you want to find out more about Heather Pearson you can visit her site here 1Body4Life
 If you want to buy her book here is the link Back Pain Free – Put an end to your suffering with the Pearson Method.
  You can find Heather on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram