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Podcast Episode

  On this fourth episode of the Feel Great Podcast, I talk to Fiona Austin who is a positive psychologist, who has spent a large part of the recent years living in Spain in the sunshine. 😎

The things we talk about on the podcast.

– The importance of Nature and making meaningful connections with the outside world.

– How being constantly connected to technology and social media can have negative repercussions.   The more we’ve gone down the road of connecting to something flat and bright are like our phones and our computers, the more we’re disconnected from something that’s real.

– We’re finding it harder and harder to just be.  And sit quietly.

– Happiness at work and the simple things that companies can do to help their staff to be happier.

– Women multitasking whilst on maternity leave and looking after children- talking to each other, combatting hormones, we’ve been doing so many other things we come back to the workplace with a superpower.   We’ve been hugely stimulated and we need to step back and recognize that we’re going back into the workplace with so much more ability than when we left. 😍

– Happiness at work is really important because if we’re not happy, we’re not going to be productive.  We’re going to be suffering from presenteeism, which is basically being present, eyeballs on screens but not really creating anything much. So it’s a lose-lose situation.

– There are a lot of very simple things that can be done by companies – it’s simple things like getting outside and having nature more involved in our lives.

– We talk about anxiety – what is it that’s making us anxious and then confronting it full on.

I love the fact that Fiona is so focused on getting outside, being with nature 🌳☘️🌿🌿  and just taking some time out.  There is more and more research to show the amazing benefits.  Go for a walk at lunchtime, have a play in the park, ask for a walking meeting whenever you can.

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