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Podcast Episode

Wow, I have finally done it!.  I have launched my trailer for the Feel Great Podcast 😍 .  It probably sounds like a small thing, launching a trailer, but believe me, it been bloody hard work, sweat and tears getting to this point.  Well not quite tears, but nearly.  I can’t believe how much time and effort it takes to launch a podcast!

I thought it was going to be a walk in the park and I was going to do this as a little side project so that I could show my clients how easy it is!  Well got to review that one.  It’s not actually that easy, but it’s been very interesting to understand exactly what’s involved.  Its also been great to start working on a creative project that is purely for the purpose of doing something I want to do for, I suppose, fun.

So many questions and so many people to ask! I still don’t know the answers…

Have I chosen the right topic?  Will any experts want to be interviewed before I have actually launched anything concrete? (luckily a few lovely and very talented experts said yes)  Am I going to have to do this forever? Can I actually fit it in with all my work and everything else I am doing? Should I release the episodes weekly or fortnightly or monthly? How do I logistically get the podcast live?  What branding and logo should I use?

Am I discluding (is that a word?) people if I concentrate on just working mums?  Or do I do as Seth Godin’s says and focus on a really small niche and do everything that I can to serve that audience and create content that resonates with them?  That’s what I have gone for.  Is my audience even niche enough?  Should I have been even more focused and just gone for health and wellbeing for mums that work from home!!?   I don’t know. Seth Godin if you are reading this tell me what you think!

Do I have Suki doing the intro, do I not? How do I make myself sound less robotic and more like me?  Is the music OK? (my best friend told me she didn’t like it). How do I do this??!   Am I creative enough to do this?  Is anyone going to listen?  That is the big question that everyone on my podcasting course has – will anyone actually listen?  

I have decided that I am doing this for me, so that takes away the pressure, and if anyone listens that’s a bonus.  Even better if they listen and find that it really resonates with them and helps them or inspires them to make changes that help.

What I do know, is that this has been a much much bigger piece of work than I had planned.  I thought making a podcast would be an easy version of creating a video (maybe it is but its still time consuming, to say the least!). So I’m not sure where this will go.  I have committed to 6 episodes with a fantastic group of experts including a hypnotherapist, sports therapist, nutritionist and coaching psychologist who share their thoughts on what we can do for our own health and wellbeing.   I might do more episodes, I might interview mums, I might widen the topics or get more focused on a particular area.  At this point, I don’t know and I am telling myself that is OK!

Obviously, there are joys. But It’s not always easy being a mum.  And working (which most of us need to do at some point in our children’s lives) can put massive extra pressure on us.  I have learnt a lot talking to these experts.  I have loads of questions about what we can do to be healthier, happier, stronger, fitter, kinder to ourselves …. the list goes on.  I am sure that you do too.  That’s why I have made this podcast for us!

Get in touch and let me know any questions or topics that you want me to cover in future episodes.  Also, I would LOVE to hear from mums about what is working for them, what isn’t working, what challenges you have, and any tips or tricks that you have to keep yourself sane, to run a home and a job.  Do you have a great employer who is really supportive?  What are they doing to make it work for you?

I hope that whether you are a working mum, a working granny, a stay at home dad, or stay at home mum, or grandad (see how I did that so I didn’t leave anyone out!) that this podcast will give you something.  I hope that something might resonate, that you might find small changes that can help you and support you to do the amazing things that you do.  I know that might sound cringey but its true.  We are all doing great things and trying to be the best we can for everyone else in our lives, and sometimes we need to concentrate more on ourselves.