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Podcast Episode

In this third episode of the Feel Great Podcast, I talk to Deborah McTaggart, who is a holistic nutritionist with a special interest in high energy demand living and the busy professional.  So lots of great learnings for busy working mums who tick both those boxes!

We talk about:

– The 4 Pillars of Health  – movement and exercise, sleep, diet and stress.   

– The importance of mums looking after themselves. The small things that we can do that can make a big difference. Things like getting better sleep, eating well and making sure that we get some movement and exercise into our daily life.

– We are holistic beings and our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing is all connected.

– Daily Movement is key even if it’s just walking or a short yoga video when you get home.  Just getting moving.  Then try and make a bit of a concerted effort to do something a couple of times a week that might be a bit more intense or a longer session – cardio or strength.

– Healthy Snacks

– Importance of eating the right kind of breakfast

– Learning to nap, meditation and Qigong.

– Stimulants at bedtime and how that can disrupt your sleep.

– Yummy chocolate recipes.

Thank you so much, Deborah, for sharing all this amazing information, learnings and insight with us.  It’s been fantastic to have you on the Feel Great Podcast.

If you’d like to improve your sleep, energy and work-life balance, get in touch with Deborah:

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