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Employee Engagement

Emmie: So another thing I was interested about is you said you’ve got a Comeback Facebook group. So that’s a closed group for people returning to work after a break whether that be from having children or caring for the elderly or whatever It might be. Could you tell me a bit more about that? What’s the purpose of that group and what will people get out of it if they join?

Jessica: Yeah, I’d love to tell you about that. So the Comeback Community Facebook group sits alongside a platform that we’re launching at the end of this year called and that’s a resource for our clients that contains lots of audio clips, films, articles, download and tools to support line managers and of course those preparing for and coming back from extended leave.
Now we recognize that not every employer is a switched on as our client base that we’re working with, so in addition to that platform, we’ve created a Comeback Community Facebook group which is live now. We’re going to be sharing some of the content from the platform – video, films, and things to help people to prepare for their extended leave and make their return. So whether that is a sabbatical, sick leave, care leave, bereavement, maternity, adoption, shared parental leave – anytime that you’re getting away from the employer and then going back again. That is a really great resource. Find it on Facebook Comeback Community. It is a closed group so we’re asking people just to say a little bit about their current situation and why this group is relevant to them, (put the right things in the boxes) and we will welcome you into that to that group.

Emmie: Oh that’s fantastic to have a resource like that. Thank you.

Jessica: I should just add about the group – that we think it’s unique because there’s so much out there for mums or parental leave and the idea behind this group is it’s about saying we recognize that there are lots and lots of similarities when you are preparing for any type of extended leave, whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re in your late 20s, or Mid 50s or late ’60s. Things about keeping in touch with stakeholders, having a performance review before you go, how to hand work over to a colleague, how to recruit your cover. These are all common themes if you’re going off on planned leave. (Obviously with ill health that is often not planned but you are grappling with similar issues). So that’s why we’re inviting people to come and join this group and cross-pollinate ideas. It’s not just about parents. It’s not just about mothers. It’s about that preparing for ‘’I’m coming back from extended leave”

Emmie: Well, that sounds like a fantastic resource. And also it’s free as well. Isn’t it? There’s no cost to be involved in that so that’s great.