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Podcast Episode

This is the first in a series of 6 episodes of the Feel Great Podcast.  The first expert that I interview is Anne Williams from Transforming Health.  She is a fully qualified accredited hypnotherapist and prior to that, she had a number of roles in HR with some big corporates so she definitely knows her stuff and is the perfect person to talk to about health and wellbeing at work.  

I talk to Anne about health and wellbeing at work and what it means to her.  Both the physical and mental aspects. Making sure that employees needs are being met – that they are getting the right training, that someone is monitoring workload and making sure that it’s not too much, that they are valued at work.  And then things like making sure that healthy food is available.

We also talk about busy professional women suffering from stress, trying to push themselves at work and then also running the home.  Sometimes this can affect the body so much that they suffer from IBS and other symptoms. Anne also talks about the importance of sleep, and that stress can really impact sleep which can then, in turn, lead to people really suffering.

We talk about the importance of flexible working and how that can sometimes help take the pressure off a little bit.  Most forward-thinking companies are now offering some degree of flexibility in the working day.

I talk to Anne about hypnosis and whether group hypnosis can work – is this something that companies could offer at work in a group setting.  Maybe less what you might think of as ‘hypnosis’ and more something like guided meditation which could be an answer and Anne has found to work quite well.

We talk about the importance of a supportive boss and the team around you, which can again have a massive impact on how things go at work.  We all know that a boss can make it or break it – many people quit their jobs or suffer massively if they don’t have a solid relationship with their boss where they feel valued, listened to and supported (been there done that).  Luckily Anne had an amazing boss in one of her first jobs and she talks about the impact that had on her career and the way that she managed people subsequently. We learn a lot from our first bosses so let’s hope that they are getting the training that they need to support their teams.

This is my first episode it’s not perfect, but I need to get it out there. I am learning.  There is much more work involved in launching a podcast than I thought. Practice makes Perfect! Also, I notice that I say ‘you know’ a lot when I am interviewing me, which really annoys me.  I was going to edit it all out, but then I decided I am just going to try and get better at that in the next interview. If I edit out all the mistakes it might lose its soul…..

If you would rather read the interview you can do so here, its in 3 parts.

Part 1 – Anne Talks Health and Wellbeing at work

Part 2 –  Anne Talks about her working with professional women and the challenges they face.

Part 3 – Why we need supportive bosses and hypnosis for stress.