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Podcast Episode

This is the final episode in this series of the Feel Great Podcast.  Today I talk to Amy Stoddard-Ajayi, who is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She has been working in therapeutic environments for 15 years, a lot of that has been with women and family.
Amy runs a consultancy that supports the design of mental health and physical health services.
In this episode, we talk about perfectionism and why being imperfect is actually quite a wonderful thing that we can embrace.


– What health and wellbeing mean to her and how to cope with our life when it’s out of balance.
– Life is evolving and brings change all the time, e.g. when a woman has a baby so much alters.
– Pressures on parents to get things right and finding a balance between work and home.
– People become committed to perfectionist thinking – for a short time it works, but it doesn’t work forever.
– Some researchers looking at perfectionism as a chronic growing public health concern.
– The world is changing –  work is more demanding and longer working hours.
– When we are anxious we release stress hormones which interfere with how we function.
– How to practice holding flexible beliefs and having tolerance for things that you can’t control.  
– Knowing that it’s acceptable to be imperfect
– If we want wellbeing then perfectionism is the worse thing we can do.  Being imperfect is actually quite a wonderful thing that we can embrace.


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That was the last episode in this series of 6 interviews for the Feel Great Podcast. where I talk to experts about health and wellness for working mums.  
It was great to hear Amy talk about how our strive for perfectionism can actually have serious consequences on our mental health.
I set out to do this project as I wanted to learn how to podcast and this is a topic that I am interested in.  A recent article in the Guardian newspaper said that working mums are 40% more stressed. I hope that this will change. That we will see employers become more supportive by embracing flexible working and encouraging dads to take paternity leave.  
And that we as mums will understand that we don’t need to pressure ourselves to be perfect.