What NOT to say during a Caesarean Section

What to Expect During a C Section! And Things NOT to Say!

We challenge you to beat this, as heard by our friend Kate during her C Section!! If you have heard anything more inappropriate said during a birth we would love to hear! We will compile them all and let every expectant dad know what NOT to say! Thank you to the lovely lady who shared this with us! When we meet your partner we will bop him on the nose!! 

What to expect during a C Section

  • For some reason my hubby was at the business end when my second degree tear got repaired which took about two hours- I lost a lot of blood and he told me it looked like a murder scene down there- luckily I was too doped up to punch him ?
  • Upon hearing that I was 8cm dilated my friend’s husband said ‘I bet it’s like a yawning hippo’!! ??
  • I have something but it wasn’t from the mouth of my husband it from my very own ?
  • After a long arduous ventouse birth my partner said ‘looks like a bloody car crash in here’ thanks love don’t worry I’m FINE!
  • When I was about 3 cm with my first baby and sooo tired and off my t**s on gas n air, I pleaded with the midwife to give me an episiotomy. I meant epidural. The midwife laughed. A lot. I knew it started with an ‘e’.