How long does it take to recover after having a baby

How Long Does It Take To Get Back Into Shape After Having a Baby?

How long did it take you to recover after having a baby? You don’t just spring back into shape physically and emotionally do you? Even if you can squeeze yourself back into your pre-pregnancy jeans in the first 6 weeks you don’t actually look the same naked anymore do you? And as for your mind….is it forever altered?

What do you think? Have you recovered from having a baby?

Some Insightful Comments Instagram Followers!

  • We’re just coming up to 10 months – I thought I was just about getting into my stride a few weeks ago but this week I feel like I’ve been hit by a new wave of emotion! Must be a combination of sheer exhaustion, constant worry, a cold, the realisation of how much weight I’ve gained from eating my way through the past 10 months, and the thought of going back to work in a couple of months ? So at the moment I still don’t feel recovered, and my mind is all over the place! I’m sure it will improve over the next couple of months but at the moment I feel a bit broken ?


  • Not fully! I found it took a full year to get back to something like I was before. Can’t bear to look at my ‘partying in ibiza clothes’ that I thought were massive at the time! My outlook has massively changed though. I’ve now got perspective, chilled out big time, but carry guilt around with me at all times.


  • Try hard to carve some time out, I really think you have to be a bit “selfish sometimes”!


  • 5.5 months into motherhood my brain / hormones still make me feel pregnant. I just want to be me again. But I’m a mess!


  • Definitely at least 9 months! I think I only started exercising when J was 10 months and didn’t feel like I was coming out of the haze until he was about 13 months


  • Nearly 10 months old now & still not back in shape – not sure things will ever be the same after three!


  • More like 29 months to recover ??


  • My Mum says 39 years and counting…! ?

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