my baby hates his moses basket

My Baby Won’t Settle In His Moses Basket. Help!

What would you tell a new mum who says “My Baby Won’t Settle in His Moses Basket. Does he hate it? What should I do?”

My baby won't settle in moses basket


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  • This was Us. He screamed blue murder when we tried to put him in the hospital crib, the beautiful crib at home or even the Moses basket. Try placing a wheat bag/ hot water bottle in the basket just before baby goes in so they don’t get a cold transfer. Eventually we also opted for a sleepy pod insert that keeps baby feeling snugger away from mums arms. He slept in that straight that thankfully and still to this day ?
  • Get a Sleephead for sure
  • Cocoonababy all the way!
  • I also had a snuzpod bedside cot which was excellent.Babies can smell mum and it’s comforting as it the smells the recognise from the womb. So a lot of babies struggle to transfer to cribs and baskets because the removal of that comfort can be scary for them.
  • Babies need cuddles and to feel safe. They need squashes. I’d tell them about the Fourth Trimester theories and to get a baby nest / sling so you can sleep and do jobs/play with your other children
  • Sleepyhead!! All the way and loads of carrying/wearing during the day. I used to put a well worn t shirt/pyjama top of mine in the sleepyhead, it helped (top tip from a midwife)
  • Snuzpod bedside crib all the way ?, baby is closer to mummy and mummy gets to see little one through the side window X
  • Mine slept in the living room with tv, lights, talking etc… when he was a newborn till he was about 5/6 weeks old I don’t quite remember when he went into his cot prob about 2/3 months!
  • Oh and the t shirt thing really works too

Sounds like You Guys love Cocoonababy and Sleepyhead!

  • cocoonababy’s rock!!
  • This was me, I had a sleepyhead but took one look at her funny breech legs sticking up in the air and realised I needed cocoonababy. It was great but actually she still would often not sleep anywhere apart from on my chest, not the safest, for the first weeks. It took a LONG time to get her to love her cot. Exhausting!!!
  • Sleepyhead worked for me too when little one hated the beautiful Moses basket I bought her…?
  • This is where’s I’m at now ? you’d think I’d have learnt third time round, but no! The wrong sleep associations just crept up on us – anything for an easy life ? and now it’s a horror show!
  • We didn’t have the breech legs, but my boy would only sleep (for hours) on top of me or daddy and there was no way of putting him down in his crib. Eventually we managed it at night time, but it was only at 3 months that I could put him down for naps. He hated the sling with me too! He was (& still is) a hungry baby, so was only happy on the boob ?? xx
  • Babies want to be close to their mama . They have no idea they are a separate entity from their her until after 3 months apparently. I used a sling and it was great. We had a sleepy head but she didn’t like that at all. With my first I persevered with trying to get him to like the basket or cot and it never worked and drive me round the bend in the process ?.